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My sister is coming to the US!


My sister will be spending her 3rd year of high school somewhere in the US this year! She will be coming in August. We’re still waiting for the agency to find the finalists a host family, so as of now, we have no idea where in the US she’ll be. I’m hoping it won’t be the Midwest, or the South. Or anything else uncool and irrelevant… Anyway. I’m super excited for her to come. I’m very proud of my sister, not only for this achievement, but for everything that she’s done and become. She’s only 17 and sometimes I feel like she’s my older sister… I want her to meet everyone here. Oh, also, I don’t wanna sound ungrateful, but I really really reaaalllllyyyy hope she doesn’t end up being hosted by a crazy Christian family… But even if she did, I’m sure she’d handle it well!

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