The very first time Tina and Andy met, they were briefly introduced in September at Garvey (affectionately nicknamed Garvege), the dining hall of St Cloud State University in Minnesota. Andy was lending their mutual friend an old Linguistics textbook. The friend told Andy that Tina was from Montenegro, a nation he had only heard of in his undergraduate Geography course. When he mentioned he was from New York, she of course knew it…

The next time Andy really saw her after that was in the month of November as he was just starting to go out with her roommate at Lawrence Hall. Actually, Andy had just met the roommate, and she was already throwing herself at him. But having just met her, he decided to reciprocate her advances but only as a means to get to know her well first; something that was communicated and they were both aware of, at least it seemed. Typically, Tina dislikes her friends’ boyfriends, but they became good friends during that same month.

After coming back from the winter break, there was some commotion in the roommate’s relationship with Andy. She often wanted to “talk it out” to get over the issues of insecurity and need for attention, but nothing was ever resolved by just by talking without actions and sweeping real issues under the rug. Possibly out of fear of not being able to relate, the roommate ended up hiding who she really was the entire time. She was unable to connect with Andy and didn’t fully engage mutual friends in a group, often falling into uncomfortable silences. Meanwhile, Andy was always still trying to know if there was something more and wondering why they weren’t really clicking. It was simply not working out. She seemed preoccupied with maintaining the image and status of being in a relationship.

For those undramatic reasons, Andy finally decided to end it with the roommate. He had been informed that she was going to break up with him, so he realized it would be a tad easier for her to heal if she did it. He was wrong. Less than half a day later, she was incessantly texting the person she was trying to get over, claiming only she copes in unique ways. While Andy was clearly giving the roommate space and acting normal around friends, she accused him of hurting her and trying to get her attention, promptly assigning the role of messenger to Tina. She didn’t even listen the only real advice received from Tina, almost as if she wanted prolong and broadcast the drama for as long as possible. The roommate’s real personality shone through.

The roommate would rarely be content, always complaining to Tina throughout the semester, but never expressing much in public. She even insensitively talked about the international coinhabitants on a regular basis, while displaying a very different face around them. Then there were the pity- and attention-seeking lies that she told Tina and eventually several others in an attempt to tarnish their opinions of Andy; most of whom were comfortable disclosing to him because he didn’t force anyone to choose sides. The roommate feared that her lies weren’t working, and most recipients still remained friends with Andy. When she noticed that Tina was among them, she couldn’t even claim credit for accusing she was still close to Andy, instead saying that two of his close friends notified her (which can be and was easily checked). Eventually she would go on to spread lies (this time to people completely isolated from the situation or abroad to gain easy support) of infidelity about Tina after they got into an argument where Tina expressed for the last time that she had enough of the roommate always complaining about Andy when there was virtually no interaction between them for months.

While the senseless drama created by the roommate ensued, later creating awkwardness and hell for Tina on their floor (who only had one more semester in the US), the strongest positive forces in Andy and Tina’s lives were each other and their mutual friends. Ironically, in the roommate’s attempt to debase Andy, she pushed Tina closer to knowing both sides of the story and closer to Andy. By forcing people to choose sides with lies, they also sought and discovered the truth. Honesty always prevails.

A relationship naturally and effortlessly developed between two people who deserved each other from the start. They spent the remainder of the semester enjoying the time they could together. Tina returned to her home country after her year as an exchange student, promising to return as soon as she can. This blog is the result and declaration of their continuing dream-come-trueOut of something so foul, comes something so grand…


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