As a American traveler of color

After recently reading this:

I decided to write as another American traveler of color. As I was reading this blog, I was so surprised that even to this day, Europeans have a hard time imagining Africans are from anywhere else but Africa. Although the author’s post tends to be more forgiving and even optimistic, I can’t even imagine being literally compared to dirt, and I would go out of my way to educate them.

I found a quote from another American traveler of color saying “”I think we’re more likely to interpret bad behavior from non-Americans as being racist because of our history with white Americans. Often their impatience is just because we’re American, and we’re clueless about other people’s cultures and practices.” However, I do not think that’s always the case they’re we’re at fault for not being sensitive to their culture (unless you count racism as being part of culture). I believe they have to realize that the US is not like Europe in so many aspects, especially demographically. I’m not so unreasonable to say that Europeans (or Asians) should know everything about American culture, of course not. I’m learning a lot about their culture if they can just get this one thing right about the US.

In the end, Americans of color need to travel a lot more and show members of the Old World that we exist. And to white Americans traveling abroad, can you try to represent us too?


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