It’s been more than three weeks since I first arrived in Barcelona. My biggest shock was how beautiful the architecture is after I found my way from the airport to the city. My first weeks of classes have been interesting to say the least; professors are very knowledgeable and opinionated, but the administration is lackluster. It takes very long to get anything done, and I’ve been told they won’t do any work if they can avoid it. In fact, there was a whole ordeal getting them to accept my diploma. Otherwise, most of my time has been taken up reading, looking at apartments, bureaucracy, and going to classes.

My first class was supposed to be taught in English, but the professor hadn’t been notified by the administration. It wasn’t until I showed up that one of my classmates informed her the course was supposed to be in English. The second time we had the class, we sat in a different seating arrangement, and the professor came in saying, “The Japanese guy isn’t here, so I don’t need to teach in English.” I didn’t immediately notice she was talking about me until another classmate interjected that I’m a New Yorker, to which the professor insisted on convincing me that I was indeed Japanese. Yep.

Today I managed to walk around to an even more touristy part of the city around Plaza Sant Jaume. As I was crossing the street, a taxi turns the corner and I tap the car when it passes close by. The driver pops a nut over it, and starts shouting in Catalán. My friend tells me that it can be seen as an offensive thing. What are your thoughts on this?

Anyways, I hope to attend some Catalán/Castellano/English exchange and see more of Barna.

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