Sex-selective abortions in Montenegro

Apparently, Montenegro is one of the 4 countries in the world with the most unbalanced sex ratio (110 boys to 100 girls as opposed to 105 boys to 100 girls which is the common ratio). Women try to find out the sex of the baby as early as possible so they can abort if they’re expecting a girl, because of the pressure to carry on the family name. This data was published back in 2011 but no one did anything until Europe voiced their concerns. How Montenegro intends to deal with this issue is by not allowing women to find out the sex of the baby so early on instead of just fighting against and raising awareness about gendercide. My suggestion is to just not allow stupid people to procreate.

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One thought on “Sex-selective abortions in Montenegro

  1. Andhi says:

    This is such a huge issue around the world. There are still more women in the world than men, but in countries like China it’s actually it’s also true. I believe it’s the most famous example because of the massive size of the population. Little boys are treated like kings and they almost always grow up to be rotten individuals unfortunately. As a byproduct this favoritism, the ladies are becoming more progressive and are socially decades ahead of the men. Even within a class of college students, women accept that homosexuality exists, while the men straight up deny it in this day and age.

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