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I’m Not Okay With Lily Allen’s Racist New Video: When Satire Crosses The Line

According to this video, Lily Allen doesn’t need to shake her ass for anyone because she’s an intellectual but unfortunately black girls are not so smart… Since when is it okay to fight sexism with racism and cultural appropriation? When Beyoncé said bitch in Bow Down, white feminists flipped shit but now they’re all like “omg Lily is doing so much for feminism!!!!! I DON’T NEED TO SHAKE MY ASS CUZ I’M SMART!!!! IT’S HARD OUT HERE FOR A BITCH!!!” How are we going to fight gender inequality if we as women don’t think of each other as equal? This reminds me of a conversation we had in our English literature class a couple of days ago. We were talking about Wuthering Heights, and somehow we ended up talking about sexism and feminism. One of my classmates expressed her frustration with double standards and said that she believes that we’ll never reach gender equality. That somehow led to our professor mentioning Middle Eastern women who “have no rights and have to wear hijabs”. At this point I got really mad and frustrated so I told her that Middle Eastern women or Muslim women in general choose to wear hijabs because they’re freaking religious (and I mentioned Saudi girls I met in the US who I talked to about this), to which she replied with “I have a friend who works in Saudi Arabia and I went there and they told me that I can’t wear shorts so you can’t tell me they have rights to choose, they just HAVE to dress that way”, and then she added “if someone told you that they don’t have to wear hijabs, they lied to you and tried to sell you that story because you come from a place that is westernized.” A bunch of my classmates agreed with my professor, of course, because god forbid you don’t kiss your professor’s ass and have your own opinion, right? They all agreed that western women have rights to choose, to which I said that we still have to wear makeup to work if we want people to take us seriously and we can’t dye our hair blue or green or other “crazy colors” if we want to get a decent job. I also pointed out that in order for us to achieve equality, we need to stop slut shaming (which is something that is really popular here in Montenegro), and it’s funny how they all agreed even though that they themselves slut shame all day every day. Despite all my attempts to prove my point, they just didn’t get it. So, basically, how women here feel about this issue is: “oh wow I have a right to dress down or dress up but I choose to dress up because I’m an intelligent woman I’m not a slut hahah but poor Muslim women who don’t get to show off their skin…………” Isn’t this painfully sad and ridiculous?

Oh, also, I decided to watch a little TV in the past two days because I rarely watch it anymore, and I had the privilege to see Serbian guys in blackface, while other Serbians spoke made up Chinese. Can I seek an asylum in another country on account of I’m surrounded by idiots?

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One thought on “white feminism

  1. Andhi says:

    This reminds me the time I took an anthro course back in my college days. The terms ‘etic’ and ’emic’ describe the understanding of behaviors to the observers and from the actors, respectively. ‘Emic’ attempts to be culturally neutral by taking away Western or ethnocentric biases. The terms derive from the linguistic terms of ‘phonetic’ and ‘phonemic’. Even many academics, such as your professor, fail to take into consideration the ’emic’ approach of looking at things, but I guess she’s only an English lit professor. I remember writing in an undergraduate paper about how western societies fall into analogous habits of appearance and attire, such as tanning and dying hair, etc. The mistake is grouping together the practicers who do it of personal choice and those who do it under the influence of religion, or mainstream western media (because how different are these two things, really?). . I’d also like to point out how close Eastern Europe is to the WANA (MENA) region and yet assimilates terribly to its surroundings, namely Islamic cultures.

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