Montenegro is a sad excuse for a country

Today, a gay pride parade was held in Montenegro’s capital for the first time. A 15 year old guy tried making a homemade bomb to throw it at parade’s participants, but as he was making it it blew up in his face (karma’s a bitch huh). During the parade, a bunch of people (mostly males) were trying to attack the participants, throw things at them (and the police!), set anything they could on fire, etc. The police was forced to use CS gas on hooligans and vandals who basically tried to destroy as much as they could because of their rage. A bunch of them apparently gathered around the US embassy where the police used CS gas and the ambulance was seen, and people assume the police and the attackers were hurt… Yesterday, an LGBT activist was attacked in downtown Podgorica by 3 20 year olds. They approached him and asked if he “was a fa**ot” and after he told them to leave him alone, they attacked him from behind, and as he lost consciousness, they ran off.

No words can explain my disbelief. I have never seen a nation so freaking idiotic. I’d have so much more to say but I really can’t find words to describe how stupid this quasi-nation is. I’ll just say that none of these bigots and homophobes are doing anything to stop rape, domestic violence, unbearable poverty caused by this damned government, let alone minority marginalization. They themselves are unable to find jobs and pay the bills, so how come they’re so preoccupied with the LGBTQ community trying to fight for their rights?

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3 thoughts on “Montenegro is a sad excuse for a country

  1. Andhi says:

    Some people would do anything to find purpose, even delay progress. Although I do think that it’s a great symbol of hope as any first gay pride parade! When modern ideas and societies in the world set good examples, it hits people and nations at varying intensities. That’s why some individuals act so unreasonably; it just hasn’t hit them yet. Hopefully they’ll catch up sooner or later. That’s the beauty of change no?

  2. LadyMNE says:

    You said what all of us are thinking, but don’t let that make you believe that Montenegro is not a beautiful country with some pretty great and awesome people.
    Sure there are a lot of ass*oles, but we’re still as fabulous as they come 🙂

    Love, a Montenegrin Lesbian ❤

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