Smeće i cigarete

That’s a random table in my university building… Empty plastic bottles of coke, candy bar wrappers, and if you look closely at the floor, there are a couple of discarded cigarette butts. My professor took this picture and uploaded it on Facebook. Just today I sat next to a girl who was smoking and she gave me the nastiest look when I started coughing… Just so you know, the administration does nothing to resolve these issues of people just leaving their ish everywhere and smoking in everybody’s face and affecting everyone’s health, mostly because they don’t care, but also because they themselves smoke in the building. I was talking to a professor of mine a while ago, and he mentioned that he wrote numerous petitions to make our administration finally prohibit smoking in the building (note that it is illegal to smoke in public indoor areas, it’s just that no one cares), but they just disregarded all his requests.

In other news, I started driving two days ago and I’m absolutely lousy! My reflexes are unbelievably slow, I can’t multitask, and being in control of a car is just overwhelming to me. Hopefully it gets better!

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One thought on “Smeće i cigarete

  1. Andy says:

    I’m glad to hear that someone is putting out petitions at least. I don’t think anyone would even do that here in China… Granted, he is one of the most highly educated people in the country, assuming he has a PhD. In today’s day and age, smoking indoors is absolutely unreasonable. Smoking outdoors is a responsibility that people I know honor.

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