Children’s culture

I was recently watching the video of American children’s reactions of the “controversial” Cheerios commercial, and I realized a key difference between Chinese children and American children. First off, American children are way more diverse and open, but that’s besides the point.

The second is how much children of a collectivist society are the same, and it doesn’t even bother them one bit. I had an activity in the English school here in Jingjiang where I use their homework responses as answers for Jeopardy. When they handed in their responses, I noticed they were almost identical. Now as far as I know, most children would go out of their way to use an opportunity like this simple homework assignment to truly express themselves and distinguish themselves from the rest. However I found the opposite. The kids all answered: coffee (favorite drink), Tiny Times (favorite movie), and swimming (favorite sport).

Don’t even get me started on the gender equality…

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