Eternal Foreigner

Here in China, I realized more than anything that I will always be a foreigner.

I only feel at home in a place like metropolitan New York. In regions like Midwestern  US, so much is based on appearance. While in Minnesota, fellow Americans would always ask: “Where are you from?” then proceeded by: “Where are you really from?” Some might even go as far as to ask “What country are you from?” or “What is your nationality?”

In China, a nation that treats its own ethnic minorities (Tibet and Xinjiang) similar to how the Midwest treats its only shot at diversity, the English school associate responsible for introducing me to local parents has to always say that I was “born and raised in the US” and not just “American”. The reason is because they could not possibly fathom that I am American without being ethnically white.

Can’t wait to have kids that speak so many languages…

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