(Baby) names

I’ve read some interesting things about why people should or shouldn’t hyphenate their names: filling out paperwork, confusing documentation, and even costs (mostly in cases of completely taking on the spouse’s last name). Personally this website is a good read: http://www.marriagenamechange.com/blog/hyphenating-last-name/

I’m thinking we do some middle name thing: Martina Abat Tang and Andy Tang Abat

I was brainstorming some names for our kids:

  • Girls
  1. Naomi (Hebrew name because of my Jewish persuasion)
  2. Kamala (from the novel Siddhartha by Herman Hesse)
  3. Fiona (“white or fair” because you’re pale)
  4. Rosemary (from the movie Little Manhattan)
  5. Subira (“rewarded patience” for obvious reasons)
  6. Oneida (“eagerly or long awaited” for same reason)
  • Boys
  1. Cloud (where we met)
  2. Zelimir (“desire for peace” I always thought names beginning in “z” were cool but didn’t want like Zeus or Zachary)
  3. Makani (“the wind” in Hawaiian)
  4. Gallagher (“descendent of the lover of foreigners” hahah)

I’ve got 10 so far, but I used to think about more normal names that we can add to the list…

Maybe they will look something like this?

young tina

ETA: Girl names:

7. Korra

8. Asami

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